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No, it is unfair to other buyers that they have had to travel to the auction site. You are required to view the asset/s as they are sold with no duty to repair.

The registration deposit varies from auction to auction, please refer to the buyers catalogue or click on the auction link on our website for the deposit amount.


Yes, the deposit is refundable should you not purchase anything, we will process the refund back into your bank account the day after the auction.


Yes, we utilise Auction Finance, the contact person is Wouter Van Wyk and his number is 083 383 8990 . It would be best if you contact Wouter before the auction so he can assist you. If not, and you only realise on the day of the auction that you need finance, you can speak to any one of the staff members on site and they will assist you. Do not purchase on auction without making sure you have pre-approved finance.

Yes we do. Speak to the auctioneer for further information.

As soon as full payment has been made and the funds are reflecting in our bank account.

Private Buyers – ID document and proof of address (not older than 3 months).

Foreign Buyers – Valid Passport and proof of address (not older than 3 months).

Companies – Company / CC documents – Cipro documents (not older than 1 year), ID document of all the company’s members/directors, proof of residence of each individual member/director (not older than 3 months), proof of residence for the company (not older than 3 months), SARS letter confirming VAT number (not older than 1 year), Traffic registration form (BRNC), with a copy of the proxy’s ID, Resolution letter on the company’s letterhead authorising individuals who may bid on behalf of the company, with details of their names and certified copies of their ID document and their proof of address (not older than 3 months), if the person registering for the auction lives at the same address as the company, a letter from the company’s accountant must be provided on a company letterhead.

Give us your contact details and we will happily add you to our database. We will then send you details of any upcoming auctions, this way you won’t miss any of our auctions.

No, we do not sell out of hand. There are costs that have been incurred to transport assets to the auction site, so it is unfair for the buyers who are in attendance to be bidding against someone who is not there. In addition, a large amount of money is outlaid for the advertising and marketing of the auction. The sellers are also more confident that the best prices will be achieved on auction if all the buyers are present.

The papers are kept in safe keeping. Once the asset is sold, we dealer stock it into Devco’s name and we will contact you to either collect them, or have them couriered to a physical address of your choice.

Yes, just remember you need to make arrangements to claim the VAT back at the border post. A copy of your passport and proof of residence will be required. We do not zero rate any invoices, the VAT is payable and refundable at the border post.


No, we will however assist in jump starting assets. Please bring the correct loading equipment and safety gear with when loading and collecting your assets.



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